Things Got Heated and You Got Arrested. Now What? 

People in domestic relationships get into disputes. So long as those disputes do not turn physical, things can usually be worked out. But too often, things reach a boiling point and turn physical. And when the cops come and separate fighting partners, chances are one of you is going to jail. 

If you find yourself arrested for Domestic Battery in Las Vegas, you need expert legal advice. You most likely have many questions: will I lose my Second Amendment rights? Am I allowed to talk to my partner or is there a Restraining or Protective Order that I have to follow? Am I going to be ordered to stay away from my own kids?

If you find yourself in that situation, the first step is to take a deep breath, and find the right legal professional who can guide you towards the best possible result in your Las Vegas domestic battery case. The attorneys at Liberators Criminal Defense are ready and waiting to answer all your questions after reviewing your case, and to work with you on a game plan to turn your situation around and establishing your innocence. Call us today.