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Nevada Crimes Index



In some jurisdictions, performing or attempting an illegal abortion can result in criminal charges. These laws vary widely depending on the state and its stance on reproductive rights.

Example: Jane was charged after attempting to perform an abortion on a woman without a medical license in a state where only licensed medical professionals can perform the procedure.

Animal Cruelty

Harming animals, neglecting pets, or staging animal fights can lead to this charge.

Example: Lisa was arrested after authorities discovered she was involved in a dog-fighting ring.


Setting property on fire deliberately can lead to arson charges.

Example: Out of revenge, David set his ex-employer's warehouse on fire.


Threatening or attempting to cause physical harm to someone can be charged as assault.

Example: After a bar dispute, Ryan threw a punch at Mike but missed.

Assault Weapons

In certain jurisdictions, possessing, selling, or using specific types of firearms classified as "assault weapons" can be illegal.

Example: Owning a semi-automatic rifle with certain features could be illegal in some states.

Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Attacking or threatening someone using a weapon that could cause serious harm or death leads to this charge.

Example: Wielding a knife, Emma threatened to hurt her neighbor during an argument.

Attempted Murder

Trying to kill someone, regardless of whether the attempt is successful, leads to this charge.

Example: John poisoned Alex's drink, but Alex survived after hospitalization.

Auto Insurance Fraud

Falsely claiming damages, staging accidents, or exaggerating injuries to get insurance payouts.

Example: James reported his car stolen for the insurance money, even though he had hidden it.

Auto Theft

Stealing someone else's vehicle.

Example: Mike was arrested after he was caught driving a car reported stolen.

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