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Nevada Professional Licensing Disciplinary Defense


Professional Discipline

Even if you have not been charged with a crime, you may be facing what are known as quasi-criminal proceedings. These can include investigation, or disciplinary action, pertaining to a professional license. Liberators Criminal Defense is here to help you with these quasi-criminal proceedings which affect your ability to earn a living.

For example, lawyers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and a whole range of other professionals can only practice their chosen careers under the supervision of State of Nevada administrative licensing boards that regulate those professions. If someone alleges that you did something wrong or unethical in your professional capacity, chances are it will be your professional licensing board that investigates the allegation.

Disciplinary Process

Every professional licensing board has its own statutes and regulator or administrative guidelines, so depending on your profession, the exact issues you are facing will vary. But the general procedure any professional licensing issue will follow the same basic steps:

  1. Someone makes a complaint about you.
  2. Your professional licensing board receives notice of the complaint.
  3. An administrator or investigator from your licensing board will conduct an investigation by reviewing documents and speaking to the person making the complaint.
  4. The licensing board will notify you of an investigation and ask you to respond, provide information, or provide additional evidence for them to review.
  5. If they determine there is sufficient evidence of wrongdoing, they may pursue a formal disciplinary proceeding, issue a citation, suspend your license, or take other steps permitted by the relevant legal authority.
  6. You will have an opportunity to contest the allegations at a formal hearing, where we strongly advise you have an attorney represent you to protect your rights. 

We Can Help 

Our attorneys have worked to defend professionals such as lawyers before the Nevada State Bar in investigations and disciplinary proceeding, Board of Pharmacy investigations and proceedings, and investigations by the Nevada Board of Medicine into the conduct of licensed doctors. Typically, we expect to be able to negotiate a favorable stipulated resolution for our clients, so that they never have to appear to face stressful accusations in a formal setting. If a resolution is not possible, we will take the necessary time and diligence to properly defend your case and to show your governing board that they are misunderstanding the situation.

Regardless of what type of professional discipline you believe you might be facing, give our experienced attorneys a call today for a free consultation, and we will explain how we can help.

Act Now to Protect Your Rights

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