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Overview A pardon in Nevada can provide a fresh start for individuals who have been previously convicted of crimes in the state. Pardons restore your civil and gun rights, offering a government-issued “forgiveness” of your crime. Although pardons do not seal past convictions, they significantly improve your life quality in various areas, including employment and rights restoration.

Steps to Apply for a Pardon in Nevada:

  1. Determine Your Eligibility: Ensure "significant time" has passed since your conviction.
  2. Download and Complete the Application: Include recommendation letters. Specify if you want gun rights restoration.
  3. Get the Waiver and Release Form Notarized.
  4. Submit the Pardon Application: Afterward, await further instructions.
  5. Appear for the Pardon Hearing (if necessary).

Key Points About Nevada Pardons:

  • The Nevada Pardons Board is responsible for pardons decisions. They are more inclined to grant pardons based on specific criteria, including the time passed since the crime, the crime's seriousness, demonstrated responsibility and remorse, and positive community influence.

  • Pardons are the only method to restore firearm rights in Nevada. They also reduce the risk of deportation for non-citizens.

  • Notably, pardons are about forgiveness and not forgetting. They do not erase or seal your conviction.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is a pardon in Nevada? A pardon provides government-issued forgiveness for past crimes. Although it doesn't erase convictions, it restores civil rights suspended due to the conviction.

  2. Why should I try to get one? Pardons offer employment opportunities, restoration of gun and civil rights, and decrease deportation chances for non-citizens.

  3. Can a pardon restore my gun rights in Nevada? Yes, especially if you were convicted of a felony or domestic violence.

(For a comprehensive list of all the questions and answers, see the full article.)

How to Increase Your Chances for a Pardon:

  • Ensure substantial time has passed since your conviction.

  • Stay crime-free, especially from serious crimes.

  • Take responsibility for past actions and show genuine remorse.

  • Engage in community service, education, and personal development.

  • Seek letters of recommendation vouching for your improved character.


Pardons are a beacon of hope for many individuals looking to move on from past mistakes. With the right guidance and genuine efforts toward personal improvement, obtaining a pardon in Nevada is within reach. Always consider consulting with experienced attorneys, such as those at Liberators Criminal Defense, for personalized advice and guidance.

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