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Fifth Judicial District Court

Nye County District Court Fifth Judicial DC

Nye County: District Court, split into two departments, serves as a pivotal part of the justice system in Nye County, Nevada. Located in the heart of Nye County, this court remains committed to delivering justice in adherence to the strict guidelines of the legal framework and ensuring that the law is accessible to all.

Address: Nye County District Court (Fifth Judicial), 1520 E. Basin Ave. #105, Pahrump, NV 89060 Phone: (775)-751-6365

Please note: Liberators Criminal Defense, Attorney Michael Mee, and the team associated with him are independent legal entities and have no direct affiliation or association with the Nye County District Court or any other judicial or government institution. All representations made here are solely for informative purposes.

About the Nye County District Court

Nye County: District Court is a beacon of legal authority within Nye County. The court symbolizes core values of justice and due process, offering its services for various legal challenges, from routine disputes to complex legal dilemmas requiring thoughtful deliberation.

Types of Cases Heard

Nye County: District Court handles an extensive range of legal matters, including:

  • Criminal Law Cases: Ranging from minor violations to grave felonies requiring detailed judicial examination.

  • Civil Litigation: Covering individual complaints and more extensive legal disputes.

  • Family Law: Cases include divorce, child custody, and other family-related legal complexities.

  • Probate and Estate: Overseeing the legal transition and allocation of assets. 

Representation Matters

Navigating Nye County's extensive legal landscape requires expertise. Residents and businesses are fortunate to have access to numerous skilled legal professionals. Notably, Liberators Criminal Defense, led by the distinguished Attorney Michael Mee, offers stellar representation. 

For those seeking defense that understands the depths of the law and believes in upholding the highest tenets of justice, Liberators Criminal Defense is ready to guide you.

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