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Pahrump Justice Court

Pahrump Justice Court

Situated within the lively community of Pahrump, Nevada, Pahrump Justice Court stands as an essential contributor to the regional judicial system. Centrally located in Pahrump, the court's foundational purpose is steadfast: ensuring justice is dispensed with utmost integrity, strict adherence to legal principles, and making sure the community can easily access crucial legal services.

Address: Pahrump Justice Court, 1520 E Basin Ave # 104, Pahrump, NV 89060

Please note: Liberators Criminal Defense, Attorney Michael Mee, and the team associated with him are independent legal entities and have no direct affiliation or association with the Pahrump Justice Court or any other judicial or government institution. All representations made here are solely for informative purposes.

About the Pahrump Justice Court

Types of Cases Heard

Pahrump Justice Court exhibits proficiency in several legal domains, including but not limited to:

  • Criminal Litigation: From minor offenses to serious criminal allegations, including preliminary hearings on felony or gross misdemeanor cases. 

Representation Matters

In the diverse legal tapestry of Pahrump, the importance of skilled representation is paramount. Those within the court's territory have the privilege of accessing various competent legal counsel. Among them, the Liberators Criminal Defense team, spearheaded by the distinguished Attorney Michael Mee, stands in the limelight. Famed for our unyielding dedication to justice and a deep understanding of courtroom intricacies, we vow to provide holistic strategies for navigating the labyrinthine pathways of the legal world.

When seeking a defense that grasps the subtleties of the legal universe and champions the true essence of justice, Liberators Criminal Defense is your ally.

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The criminal justice system can be harsh and unforgiving. Expertise and attention to detail are essential. Liberators Criminal Defense is here to use those skills to achieve justice, fairness, and a winning result in your case.