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Goodsprings Justice Court

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When the stakes are high, and your freedom hangs in the balance, trust a legal team that prioritizes your rights and the pursuit of justice above all. At Liberators Criminal Defense, we are relentless in our defense of those facing legal challenges, ensuring you're not just another number in the system.

About the Goodsprings Justice Court

Located in the heart of Goodsprings, the court addresses a variety of cases pertaining to matters arising within the local jurisdiction. 

Goodsprings Justice Court
23120 S Las Vegas Blvd
Jean, NV 89019
Phone: (702)-874-1405

Our Services

At Liberators Criminal Defense, our scope of representation spans across various legal areas that the Goodsprings Justice Court presides over, including:

  • Traffic Violations: Navigate the complexities of traffic laws and mitigate the implications of violations.

  • Preliminary Hearings for Felony Cases: Secure a formidable defense as you face preliminary scrutiny for serious allegations.

  • Misdemeanors: From first-time offenses to recurrent charges, we've got you covered.

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The criminal justice system can be harsh and unforgiving. Expertise and attention to detail are essential. Liberators Criminal Defense is here to use those skills to achieve justice, fairness, and a winning result in your case.