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Beatty Justice Court

Beatty Justice Court: Upholding Justice in Beatty, Nevada

Beatty Justice Court 426 C Ave, Beatty, NV 89003 Phone: (775) 553-2951

Understanding Beatty Justice Court

The court is a symbol of legal integrity, serving as a cornerstone in the community. Handling a myriad of cases, it operates with a steadfast commitment to justice and due process, from resolving minor disputes to addressing significant legal challenges.

Cases Heard at Beatty Justice Court:

  • Misdemeanor criminal proceedings;
  • Preliminary hearings on gross misdemeanors or felonies; 
  • Other legal matters within the court's jurisdiction.

Why Representation Matters

Navigating through the legal landscape of Beatty requires expert representation. At Liberators Criminal Defense, led by Attorney Michael Mee, we offer unrivaled commitment to justice, coupled with extensive courtroom expertise. Our approach is comprehensive, ensuring that you have a seasoned ally in facing the multifaceted judicial system.

Important: Liberators Criminal Defense and Attorney Michael Mee have no affiliation or connection with the Beatty Justice Court. Our law firm operates independently, providing defense services for individuals with cases at the Beatty Justice Court.

If you or a loved one requires legal representation in Beatty Justice Court, consult with us for expert advice and defense services tailored to your unique situation:

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