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Carrying Concealed Weapon

Liberators Criminal Defense: Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) Laws in Nevada

Concealed Carry Basics

  • Requirement: Under NRS § 202.350, carrying a concealed weapon without a CCW permit is categorized as a Category C felony, leading to up to 5 years in Nevada State Prison and potential fines up to $10,000.

  • Permit Acquisition: Nevada adopts a "shall issue" approach, making it relatively straightforward to obtain a CCW permit if eligible. Residents apply via their local sheriff's office. Non-residents, if they have concealed carry reciprocity, can use their home state's CCW permit. Otherwise, completing a Nevada certified firearm training course allows them to apply.

  • Exceptions: Forgetting your CCW permit? It's a $25 civil fine, not a criminal offense.

Key Questions Answered

  1. Do I need a permit to carry concealed weapons in Nevada?
    Yes, especially for firearms like handguns (with barrels less than 12 inches) and pneumatic guns. Note: CCW permit holders bypass background checks when purchasing firearms in Nevada.

  2. What is considered a concealed weapon?
    A weapon becomes "concealed" when not readily observable, e.g., under clothing, inside a backpack, or pocketed.

  3. Where am I allowed to carry concealed firearms?
    While valid CCW permit holders can carry in most public buildings, exceptions include airports, schools, courthouses, government buildings, and places with metal detectors or signs prohibiting firearms.

  4. Penalties for carrying without a permit?

    • Firearms and explosives: Up to 5 years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines.
    • Machetes: Penalties vary based on prior offenses.
  5. Misplaced your CCW permit?
    If you have a valid permit but forgot to carry it, you're liable for a $25 civil fine.

  6. Challenging CCW permit-related charges?
    Common defenses include:

    • The weapon wasn't concealed.
    • The permit was left at home.
    • Clerical errors by authorities.

Examples in Action

  1. Concealed Weapon Definition: Imagine carrying a pistol in a backpack. This would be considered "concealed" as it isn't easily observable.

  2. Carrying without a permit: Suppose John, without a CCW permit, hides a handgun inside his jacket and enters a shopping mall. If caught, he could face up to 5 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

  3. Misplaced permit: If Sarah, a valid CCW permit holder, mistakenly leaves her permit at home but carries her concealed pistol to a café, she might be fined $25 if authorities discover she doesn't have her permit on hand.


Understanding Nevada's CCW laws is essential for lawful gun owners. Whether you're a resident or visitor, staying informed ensures you exercise your rights without legal repercussions. If in doubt, consider reaching out to a legal professional for advice.

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