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You deserve top quality criminal defense without losing your life savings. It is frustrating to have your liberty on the line and have no idea what kind of financial costs you are looking at to retain an attorney. Liberators Criminal Defense is pleased to offer the following prices to our clients: 

DUI Defense For $1,999

Domestic Battery Defense For $1,999

  • Traffic Tickets Free for Existing Clients
  • Probation Violation $1,250
  • DUI $1,999
  • Domestic Battery $1,999
  • Other Misdemeanors $2,000
  • Minor Felonies $3,500
  • Habeas Corpus Petition $5,000
  • Category C Felonies $6,500
  • Category B Felonies  $7,500
  • Direct Appeal of Conviction $5,000
  • Category A Felonies $9,750

Please note: Quoted prices are for cases with one criminal charge. Multiple charges within one case may be quoted at a different price based upon the number of alleged offenses. Not all prices to include trial, please inquire with us about your specific case.  

Flat Fee Pricing

At Liberators Criminal Defense, we provide “flat fee” pricing agreements for your criminal case. This means that you know exactly what you are going to pay for the entire case (or for all proceedings other than trial) at the time you hire us. There is no hourly rate, so no matter how complex your case gets, you do not have to worry about the price growing. You just pay the flat fee.

Lowest Price 

Have you been offered equivalent representation at a lower price? We will beat that price. Just schedule your free consultation and come into our office with proof of the other law firm's offer, and we will reduce our fee. With Liberators you can be confident with your attorney, confident we will fight for the best result for your case, all without going broke. 

Payment Plans


Don't have the full flat fee amount immediately? That's not a problem. Our Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys will set up a payment plan that you are able to afford. When you hire us, you will receive access to a Client Portal account where you can keep track of your payment plan.

Easy Online Payments


That Client Portal account also enables you to easily make payments online, through a variety of payment methods. It will also remind you when you have a payment due, so you do not fall behind. When you receive the payment reminder, just follow the steps to pay by a method of your choice.

Act Now to Protect Your Rights

If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime, time is of the essence. Act quickly to ensure that a criminal defense attorney is protecting your rights, preserving the evidence necessary for your defense, and making sure things don't get any worse.