Our Focus and Expertise is Criminal Defense

When your life and liberty is on the line in a criminal case, do you want a "general practice" firm, or one with a singular focus on defending criminal cases?

At Liberators Criminal Defense, our Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys provide our clients the skilled legal advice and representation they need to face the unique challenges presented by their criminal case, because our firm is singularly focused on one thing and one thing only: defending against criminal charges.

This focus provides our clients a leg up in their criminal case. Liberators Criminal Defense attorneys can identify constantly changing statutory laws, and new Supreme Court decisions, many of which could make the difference in your case.

We have a thorough understanding of not only the letter of the law, but also the quirks of dealing with Nevada prosecutors, judges, and juries. Our attorneys will work with you to position your unique case for a winning result, either by defending you at trial, or laying the groundwork to execute a favorable negotiated dismissal or plea agreement.

Call us today and let's start tackling your criminal case.