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Michael Mee

Attorney Michael Mee was raised in a small town in New York before attending college in New York City. While obtaining a degree in Political Science, he discovered he had a natural aptitude for studying the law. He later relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada where he graduated from the highly ranked William S. Boyd School of Law at UNLV.  

Michael has been working in the legal field in Las Vegas for a decade. As a Law Clerk, he worked on some of the biggest cases in recent Nevada memory, including the famous Bundy Ranch “standoff” case, where the Government prosecution was defeated, and the case was dismissed

As a Law Clerk, Michael also drafted several winning Appellate Briefs for attorneys in Las Vegas, including Appeals which overturned convictions for Murder.

After obtaining his law license, Michael founded Liberators Criminal Defense. He founded the liberators because individuals who are accused of crimes deserve a high caliber criminal defense attorney regardless of how much money they have. 


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