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Jeb Bond

Attorney Jeb Bond took a unique career path towards becoming a Criminal Defense Attorney. Before going to Law School, he worked as a police officer for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. With the LVMPD he learned about the legal system, law enforcement techniques, and most importantly: he wanted to give people a second chance rather than lock them away. Jeb graduated from Boyd Law School at UNLV in 2013 and has worked as a Criminal Defense attorney ever since. He has a unique breadth of experience and education that is difficult to find. His experience on both sides of the law gives his clients a distinct edge when fighting for their best possible outcome. As a person, Jeb is a very relatable guy who loves to snowboard, play cards, and rock climb. When it comes down to it, he is someone who understands that the vast majority of people are good at heart, so he has a passion for defending those who are in the crosshairs of the law. 

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