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Liberators Principles

You need a criminal defense law firm that puts the clients first.

Why Hire the Liberators? 

It can be very difficult to evaluate a criminal defense attorney before making the decision to hire them. When you hire Liberators, you will quickly see that you made the right decision by the way we treat you, and the results we get for you in court. Our firm is built upon three concepts:

We Work for You

Liberators Criminal Defense is a client-oriented criminal defense firm. You hire us, we work for you, not the other way around. Our primary internal metrics for success are positive case outcomes, and equally importantly, client satisfaction. Fundamentally, our client's needs are the "north star" of our firm's compass. 

Easy to Understand Pricing

If you have gone through other criminal defense attorney website, you may have noticed that the vast majority of them don't say anything about what fees they demand from their clients. Bad news: that is usually because their prices are very high. 

At Liberators, we take the complete opposite approach. Our prices are publicly available and published on this website. While every case is different and thus might change the starting price (for example, having ten different charges against you costs more than having one charge), the price guide gives you immediate information you need when hiring an attorney. 

No Surprises 

If you've had to hire a criminal defense attorney before, chances are you've noticed some common problems. Was your attorney too busy to get back to you promptly when you tried to contact them? Were you constantly surprised to learn what was going to happen at court the same morning of your hearing? Was it hard to understand what was happening?

Liberators was created to fix all of those common problems and provide top quality representation at affordable pricing. You will always know what is going on in your case, exactly what is going to happen at your next court hearing and have 24/7 access to your attorney and our staff. 

Act Now to Protect Your Rights

If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime, time is of the essence. Act quickly to ensure that a criminal defense attorney is protecting your rights, preserving the evidence necessary for your defense, and making sure things don't get any worse.