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Stress-Free Client Experience

Goodbye Worries

Being accused of a crime is plenty stressful enough, your law firm experience should not make your stress levels even worse. At Liberators Criminal Defense, our Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys deploy modern legal technologies and organizational methods to provide you a smooth and stress-free experience from the beginning of your case through its completion. 

           Client Portal Account

When you hire Liberators Criminal Defense, you will receive an e-mail to create your own Client Portal Account. Through this Portal, you can receive and review documents, case pleadings, and evidence. If you have a payment plan, you can also make payments online through your Client Portal Account without ever leaving your home.

            We Go to Court, You Stay Home

Going to the courthouse is usually not very fun. Going downtown in Las Vegas to the Regional Justice Center can be a hassle. It's hard to find parking, and no one likes taking off their shoes to go through a metal detector first thing in the morning. When you hire a Liberators Criminal Defense attorney, we will make your appearance for you, when permitted by the Court, and you stay home. You can be confident we will appear on your behalf and provide you an immediate update after the hearing. 

            Attend Court by Video

Sometimes, the Court does require you to attend a hearing along with your attorney. Because of COVID-19 changes to how hearings are conducted, there is a good chance you will be able to attend at least some of your scheduled court hearings by video conferencing technology, whether that be by Zoom or Bluejeans software. Our staff will make sure you have everything you need to get connected, but if you can't figure it out, feel free to come over to our office, and we will have the video stream ready to go.

            Same Day Promise

When you hire us, you will have an open line of communication to our attorneys. That means if you reach out, whether by E-mail, phone, text message, or online messaging, one of our attorneys will get back to you the same day. Don't waste your time with attorneys who ignore dozens of calls or text messages, which can make keeping up with your court case a nightmare. Go with Liberators and get the Same Day Promise.

Act Now to Protect Your Rights

If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime, time is of the essence. Act quickly to ensure that a criminal defense attorney is protecting your rights, preserving the evidence necessary for your defense, and making sure things don't get any worse.